Version 1.3 is now available, includes support support for individually addressable RGB pixels!

Here is a look at an initial lightshow this Halloween from Chris Usey using the new support for controlling addressable RGB LEDs from LightShow Pi:

The documentation is a bit light still on this new functionality, but feel free to come to the community page and talk to other early adopters if you’d like to try it out!

2017/10/27 :: Version 1.3 Release Notes

  • Added initial support for controlling individually controllable RGB LED lights (thanks to Tom Enos, Ken B, and Chris Usey)
  • Addition of the “microweb” UI for controlling your lightshow (thanks to Ken B)
  • Twitter support, tweeting current song playing (thanks to Brent Reinhard and Ken B)
  • Various bug-fixes and updates to support latest kernel versions (thanks to Ken B)