Version 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of LightShow Pi has been released.  It contains the following changes that have been made over the past few months thanks to an AWESOME community!

  • piFM support (thanks to Stephen Burning)
  • audio-in support (thanks to Paul Dunn)
  • command line play-list generator (thanks to Eric Higdon)
  • enhancements to preshow configuration, including per-channel control (thanks to Chris Usey)
  • support for expansion cards, including mcp23s17,mcp23017 (thanks to Chris Usey)
  • updated to support RPi B+ (thanks to +Chris usey)
  • clarification on comments and in-code documentation (thanks to Bruce Goheen, Chase Cromwell, and Micah Wedemeyer)
  • other misc bug fixes (see Issues list for more details)

As of this posting, all of the above changes are in the stable branch, which you can update using git with the following command from your install location:

git fetch && git checkout stable

There is also a Version 1.1 branch that will capture the current stable branch, while the stable branch will continue to be updated as new features are added and considered “stable”.

Thanks again for an awesome community!  Looking forward to all the light shows this December!

P.S.  I’ve pulled in the first version of Stephen Burning‘s awesome web ui – still testing things there, but you can take an early look if interested at the webui branch:

git fetch && git checkout webui