Version 1.2 released just in time for the holidays ;)

Version 1.2

So, what happens when you turn your “little” home DIY holiday lightshow project into an open-source project?  Amazing things … tons of new features (see below), amazing community involvement, and lots of fun!

I’m happy to announce the release of Version 1.2 of LightshowPi just in time for this year’s holiday season.  It rolls up many changes made over the last year+ by several developers into the stable branch.  If you’re already using LightshowPi and you’d like to try out some of the new features – the easiest way would be to do a fresh / clean install:

Download and Install

So, what’s made it into this new release you ask?

  • 3 to 4 times speed improvement by utilizing GPU for fft and other optimizations (thanks to Tom Enos, Colin Guyon, and Ken B)
  • support for streaming audio from pandora, airplay, and other online sources (thanks to Tom Enos and Ken B)
  • support fm broadcast on the pi2 and pi3 (thanks to Ken B)
  • multiple refactors + addition of comments to the code + clean-up (thanks to Tom Enos)
  • add the ability to override configuration options on a per-song basis (thanks to Tom Enos)
  • support pagination for the SMS ‘list’ command (thanks to Brandon Lyon)
  • support for running lightshow pi on your linux box for debugging (thanks to Micah Wedemeyer)
  • addition of new configuration parameters to tweak many facets of the way lights blink / fade (thanks to Ken B)
  • addition of new configuration parameters to tweak standard deviation bounds used (thanks to Paul Barnett)
  • support a “terminal” mode for better debugging w/out hardware attached (thanks to Anthony Tod)
  • many other misc bug fixes (see Issues list for more details)

For help taking advantage of any of these new features, as always – visit our online community:


9 Replies to “Version 1.2 released just in time for the holidays ;)”

  1. You give your team a lot of credit up there. But I think you deserve a lot of the credit for starting this project to start with, keeping us all organized, and fixing all my typos.

    Thank you Todd for allowing me to be part of this great project.

    1. Credit is given where it is due! You’ve been a rock-star on this project! I just wish I had more time to give to the project 😉

  2. Hello, where can I find the circuit diagram to connect the strips led to the raspberry 2? also the circuit works with the LED strips to 12 volts?

    thank you and greetings

  3. I’m new to this raspberry pi but I install all the programs that you need to do some light controls. I’m try to install some MP3 instead of using the sample MP3s when I install the new MP3s there’s an error and it comes out it’s saying the script isn’t right I’m grabbing it from my sample file that’s where I installed a new MP3s the sample mP3s work fine with the like.

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